Agajanana Padmarkam is a Prayer to Lord Ganesha, the Remover of Obstacles (विघ्नहर्ता गणेश), the shloka is written in Sanskrit. Listen & Mp3 song download Agajanana Padmarkam – Shri Ganesha Slokam.

Agajanana Padmarkam Lyrics in Hindi (Sanskrit)

अगजानन पद्मार्कम्
गजाननम् अहर्निशम् |
अनेकदन्तम् भक्तानाम्
एकदन्तम् उपास्महे ||

Agajanana Padmarkam Lyrics in English

agajAnana padmArkam
gajAnanam aharnisham
anekadantam bhaktAnAm
ekadantam upAsmahe

Meaning in English

O’ Lord Ganesha, just like the Sun makes the Lotus bloom, your presence lights up Parvati’s face.
O’ Single-tusked Lord who bestows unending boons on his devotees, we bow down to you, day and night!

अगज (Agaj) – अग (that which does not move, i.e., mountain) + ज​ (born of), this refers to Parvati who is Himavat’s (Himalaya) daughter.
आनन् (Anana) – Face
पद्मा (Padma) – Lotus
अर्क​ (Ark) – Sun
गजाननम् (Gajananam) – Elephant faced
अहर्निशम् (Aharnisham) – Day and night
अनेकदन्तम् (Anekadantam) – Giver of many boons
भक्तानाम् (Bhaktanam) – devotees
एकदन्तम् (Ekadantam) – One-tusked (Eka- One; Dantam- Teeth/Tusk)
उपास्महे (Upasmahe) – Bow down to, meditate upon





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